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The state of being happy, healthy and prosperous.

As a mom and business owner, I know how hard it is to find time for self care.

But a strong workout, a grounding meditation, or a moment of self connection makes such a huge impact on your happiness and health that I created a yoga practice that combines all three.

A practice that you will want to come back to again and again.

Make your me-time amazing. Take a class with me or join a program today.

Commit, and it will transform not just your body, but your life.


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Marisa, Writer

Malia offers a unique take on yoga that is utterly irresistible. She combines decades of yogic study and deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology with an athletic perspective that leaves your mind, body and spirit soaring after each class. Stick with Malia and you'll gain strength, flexibility , and peace of mind. (and have fun doing it!)


Terri, Managing Partner

Malia's classes are fun but sneaky hard!! Her sequences are deliberate and effective which means you will be challenged at any level. She is able to articulate the slightest of motions so that each pose/action is as impactful as possible. If you have an opportunity to be taught by Malia take it, she is simply the best.


Erin, Interior Designer

Just so you know ... I am f*ing LOVING the challenge! Last night I even repeated a class bc I was just craving more. You are so good at cues to help me hit each pose 100%. So excited and thankful!!!

Your morning yoga routine should combine the grounding benefits of meditation with an exhilarating workout so you can face your day centered, energized, confident and happy.


Join one of my all-level online yoga programs and immediately experience the benefits of REAL yoga fitness training at it's best. It's all you need, all in one practice.

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