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2 Week Transformation

14 days of powerful, transformational flows, 60 minutes each, that are sure to be the best online yoga workouts you can do. No more trying to figure out which class to take, just lay down your mat, hit play, and flow into the best version of yourself. 

2 Week Transformation: This is Where Your Best Begins

  • 14 all-level energizing yoga flows, 60 minutes each, combining yoga fitness with grounding meditative breath, deep core work and fun balance sequences

  • No-Brainer program. No more wasting time trying to pick a class, just show up and hit play


  • Personal support both from Malia herself and the exclusive RMY Facebook community

  • Unlimited Access to all 100 Yoga Posture and HIIT Posture Tutorials

  • BONUS: 2 Week Vegan Nutrition Plan (or meat eater friendly) with all meals and snacks included

  • Play inspiring Renegade Mom Yoga Playlists or your own off of Spotify while you practice!