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3 Week BB Challenge

You're busy. I get it. I'm a mom too. There never seems to be enough time in the day for me to workout, manage my stress, and take care of myself.

I have great news. There is when you have a clear, scalable, and empowering yoga program to follow.

You don't have to think, you don't have to plan, you just roll out your mat and hit play and you will get a great workout, a centering meditation and a moment of self connection so that you can go out and conquer (and care for) everything your day throws your way.

My Daily 20

daily 20

3 Week Bend Better Challenge

3 Week Bend Better Challenge

3 Week Bend Better Challenge
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BBC Day 1 Loosen up

BBC Day 1 Loosen up

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BBC Day 2

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BBC Day 3


Best Yoga Online For Busy Moms

You can't

You can't give from an empty cup. Meaning, if you are depleted, stressed out and uncomfortable in your body, you sure as hell aren't going to be happy let alone be a great parent or partner. I have created an effective, scalable, engaging Athletic Power Yoga program for you regardless of your fitness level or experience to do in the convenience and safety of your own home with no gear, little space, and even less motivation. This 3 Week Yoga Challenge will help you show up for yourself every day so you can make a real, lasting shift in your health, happiness and life. 


If you:

Need motivation to workout alone at home

Want a solid workout, a yoga practice and a meditation all in one

Don’t have access to a gym or studio you used to use

Have a constant feeling of overwhelm

Lack energy

Think Yoga is boring or not for you

Want to lose weight

Want to feel better in your body

Want to feel stronger, and tone up

Need to reduce tension, stress and anxiety

Want to flatten your mama belly

Want to fix your back/knee/shoulder pain

Want to strengthen your immune system


Then THIS is YOUR yoga.

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