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7-Day Realign and Refresh

45-50 Minute All-Level challenging flow classes to detox, refresh and empower that you will keep coming back to again and again. Why spend 10 minutes figuring out which class to take when you can just commit to a simple, clear program and get the best online yoga classes around?

The hardest part of yoga is just getting to the mat.

Well not anymore! When you sign up for the 7 Day Realign and Refresh program you are committing to yourself and your own wellbeing. 

You decide how hard you work within each of these fluid, scalable all level classes depending on your emotional, physical and energetic state each day- that is the beauty of yoga. You will get exactly what you need each class if you just listen to your own body. There is no pressure when you practice alone at home. This is YOUR yoga, your me-time. Taking care of your mental/emotional state has a massive effect on your body- both internally AND externally.

So step into this program and step onto your mat knowing each class will reduce your stress, reduce your cortisol levels, increase your calorie burning, tone your muscles, lengthen and stretch you, give you more grace and fluidity in your body and ground and calm you so you can face any challenge your life throws your way with confidence and inner power.

You work hard mom, be good to yourself.