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Not your average yoga challenge

If you’re like most, the past year was not kind to you. Your stress level has flown through the roof while your health has plummeted. I too have dealt with last year’s onslaught of heavy challenges at times by overindulging and straight up freaking out. The only thing that has kept me from totally losing it (and losing it on my kid) is my Yoga practice. 


Now you might have an idea as to what you think yoga is… but I’m here to tell you, if you think yoga is BORING, or you aren't flexible enough to do it, or you don't see yourself as a "yogi" ...


THIS is YOUR yoga. 

I have created an effective, scalable, engaging Athletic Power Yoga program for you regardless of your fitness level or experience to do in the convenience and safety of your own home with no gear, little space, and even less motivation. This 3 Week Challenge will help you feel better in your body as well as reduce your risk of injury in all the other things you enjoy like running, cycling, surfing, hiking, spinning, hop scotch, whatever! 

If you:

  • Need motivation to workout alone at home

  • Want a solid workout, a yoga practice and a meditation all in one

  • Don’t have access to a gym or studio you used to use

  • Your kids and/or spouse are driving you nuts and taking up all your me time

  • Have a constant feeling of overwhelm

  • Been binge eating and drinking due to stress 

  • Gained weight, fell off the workout wagon

  • Find it hard to motivate to work out alone at home

  • Lack energy

  • Think Yoga is boring or not for you


But you:

  • Want to lose weight

  • Want to feel better in your body

  • Want more energy

  • Want to feel stronger, and tone up

  • Need to destress

  • Need to reduce tension and anxiety

  • Want to flatten your mama belly

  • Want to fix your back/knee/shoulder pain

  • Want to strengthen your immune system

THIS is YOUR yoga.

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