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The Superfood Menopause Meal Plan

Raise your metabolism, decrease inflammation, balance your hormones, take back your life

Menopause doesn't have to suck. Really.

  • This Meal Plan breaks down what roles the hormones play and what happens when they get imbalanced as well as the superfoods you need to be eating and why​

  • 2 weeks of delicious recipes including snacks and a PLAN that is specifically created for us busy, making-it-all-happen women

  • A starting point to train you how to eat for your age and reverse the symptoms of menopause

  • Includes a quick Superfood chart so you can see what you need more of and can just add into your regular meals


  • 7 days of Scalable, intelligent, fluid and athletic flows that leave you feeling amazing

  • BONUS 1: a 15 min core class you should do daily. 

  • BONUS 2: A Restorative class for the days you just need to unwind and restore 

  • BONUS 3: Unlimited Access to all 100 Yoga Posture and HIIT Posture Tutorials 

  • Play inspiring Renegade Mom Yoga Playlists or your own off of Spotify while you practice!


"Omg you’ve literally saved me from having to have a stomach operation. I have never had abs like this before or a posture like this. It’s literally my dreams coming true and I’ve only been with you 1 month.. thank you soooooooooo much 🙏🏼💗"


Jennifer M (Mom of 4)




"Just so you know ... I am f*ing LOVING the challenge! Last night I even repeated a class bc I was just craving more. You are so good at cues to help me hit each pose 100%. So excited and thankful!!!"


Erin A (Mom of 2)

"I didn't even think I liked yoga until I took one of Malia's classes. And now I can't do life without them. "

Nola J ( Mom of 3)


Your workout should feed your soul

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