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An entertaining and educational look at what is happening to the female body during Menopause and the powerful benefits of adding superfoods to the daily diet.


Includes an easy to follow 2 week Meal Plan including all snacks and meals, weekly shopping lists, quick guide detailing which superfoods do what, and recipes and meal prep suggestions so you can overcome the physical and emotional challenges of Menopause.


This plan is proven to work as the benefits of the superfood meals natually and safely do the following:


- Balance Hormones

- Reduce inflammation

- Raise your metabolism

- Help you shed weight

- Curb mood swings

- Reduce joint pain

- Reduce hot flashes

- Decrease brain fog

- Increase sustained energy

- Aid in digestion and waste release

- Reduce the risk of Cancer

- Prevent vision degeneration

- Elevate your mood

- Stimulate Human Growth Hormone production

- Provide natural, easily absorbed vitamins and minerals





The Superfood Meal Plan for Menopause

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